Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 Review

Logitech K480

Hey everyone came back with another post and in today’s post, we’re going to be taking a look at a pretty cool keyboard. Now what this keyboard has is that it can switch between three devices almost within seconds on top of that if you want to type using …

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Thronmax Fireball Quick and Easy Recording

Thronmax Fireball

Today we have the Thronmax Fireball microphone which I picked up in the store a couple of days ago and the reason for that is because it looked. So cool I wasn’t expecting much of it and just looking at it it looked like a baby version of the blue …

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Logitech MK295 Review – Worlds Quietest Keyboard

Logitech MK295

Here at, we have tried out a lot of different keyboards and to give you a better idea. Here are a few of ours we got Logitech we got razer, and we even have some office Logitech keyboards, but the one keyboard which we’ve tried which has been the …

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Razer Huntsman Mini Specifications

Razer Huntsman Mini

Hey everyone came back with another post and in today’s we’ll be review a look at 60% keyboard made by razer, yes I know that’s not something you hear every day but we have it in front of us. Today we got the Razer Huntsman Mini to see how …

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JBL Clip 4 Speaker Review 2021

JBL Clip 4 Speaker

Now with the thousands of different portable speakers that there are out there in the world, there are a few ones that are a lot better than the others one of those ones being the JBL clip 4. now in this post we’re pretty much going to take a look …

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Price and Review 2021

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Look at today are from samsung and they are the Samsung galaxy buds live now starting off with the design as you can see Samsung went with kind of a cube-like design which is pretty small and sleek similar to the air pods but the one thing that they did …

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Logitech G604 Review and Price 2021

Logitech G604 price and review

Well, that’s exactly what the Logitech g604 does with 15 different buttons on this bad boy we’re gonna take a look to see if it’s worth it or if you should stick to a mouse with a lot fewer buttons. So now upon opening up the box you do get …

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JBL Quantum 200 Headset Review and Price

JBL Quantum 200 review

Now when you think of JBL the first thing that probably comes to mind are either their speakers or their headphones. You know because that’s pretty much what we always see them being used as but the one thing that doesn’t come in mind is a headset a JBL gaming …

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Logitech G335 Wired Gaming Headset Review

Logitech G335

With so many different headsets on the market, it’s honestly pretty hard to choose a good one and there hasn’t really been anything out there that really stands out or takes the crown. Well in my opinion I think that is about to change, because today we got the Logitech …

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